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Civil Engineering Journal
(E-ISSN: 2476-3055; ISSN: 2676-6957)
Vol. 8, No. 08, August, 2022
Effect of Stirrups on the Behavior of Semi-Precast Concrete Slabs
Mazin Diwan Abdullah 1*, Khamail Abdul-Mahdi Mosheer 2
1 College of Engineering, University of Al-Basrah, Basra, Iraq.
2 Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering, University of Al-Qadisiyah, Al-Diwaniyah, Iraq.
Received 27 May 2022; Revised 22 July 2022; Accepted 27 July 2022; Published 01 August 2022
A semi-slab of precast concrete (or half-slab) is a structural system that consists of concrete at the bottom half of a slab
and concrete cast in situ at the top. To avoid traditional formwork and minimize the bottom half of the slab, this section
can function as formwork and reduce the thickness of precast slabs, which makes their transportation easy. The interface
between precast and overtopping concrete is effective for the slab system’s performance. To improve the half-slab floor
system, it is needed to have a shear connector (stirrups). Therefore, to better understand the behavior of this slab system,
six full-scale slab specimens (2×7.5 m) with different shapes of the stirrups and spacing between them were constructed
for this study. One specimen was produced with no connections and served as a reference specimen, while the other
employed stirrups to connect slab units. The tests found that the distribution and type of stirrups affect the structural
performance of the semi-precast concrete slab. The maximum load capacity of slabs with rectangular or triangular
connections was nearly more significant than reference slabs, reaching 136.11 and 86.11%, respectively. The maximum
load increased by 81.4 % for rectangular connections and 54.9% for triangular connections when the distance between the
connectors was reduced from 600 to 300 mm. Furthermore, stirrups in semi-precast slabs could improve the cracking
behavior, stiffness, and ductility.
Keywords: Semi-Slabs; Precast Concrete; Site-in-place Concrete; Stirrups; Spacing.

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