Rand M. Jassim a) , Khamail Abdul-Mahdi Mosheer b )
College of Engineering, University of Al –Qadisiyah, Qadisiyah, Iraq
a) Corresponding author: eng.civ.20.mas.14@qu.edu.iq
b) khamail.mosheer@qu.edu.iq
Abstract. This paper looks into the behavior of beams with openings in shear zone strengthening with Carbon Fiber
Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) sheets under static load. The experimental program included four simply supported beams,
one of them without openings, one with openings (unstrengtheing beam), and two with openings strengthening with CFRP
sheets. One of the beams was strengthening before a test and the other strengthened at 50% of the ultimate load. The
ultimate load capacity, load-deflection curves, and crack pattern were investigated. The test results found that specimens
strengthening with CFRP sheets surrounding the openings showed great enhancement in the ultimate load reach to 152.1%
for beam strengthening with CFRP as compared with unstrengthening beams with openings, and delayed the appearance
of cracks around the openings and diverted their path. Numerical modeling through the ABAQUS finite element program
was introduced. The experimental and numerical study was found to have a high agreement. Parametric studies with
different widths according to ratios 3.5%, 5%, and 6% which is (the area of the opening to the total area of the beam) were
Keywords: Rc Beams, Openings in Shear Zone, Strengthening from outside, CFRP sheets, ABAQUS

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